The Haunted
A series of immersive exhibitions that place the attendee in a ghastly parlor, using the classic Disney attraction, The Haunted Mansion as a jumping off point. Incorporating sound, video, and performance into the exhibition provides a fully immersive experience. The first exhibition of The Haunted was the inaugural exhibition for Home Room. The follow up sequel, at The Hive Gallery and Studios, coincided with the Haunted Mansion's 50th anniversary
Home Room
In 2011 I cofounded Home Room, a creative space with quarterly immersive themed exhibitions and performances and workshops centered around the quarterly themes. We partnered with several organizations to provide a space for talented artists to experiment safely in a public space. 
Alessandro Cortini of Nine Inch Nails performing at the closing reception of SUPER TETRICIDE at Home Room. Video by Jason Clark
LA Zine Fest
LA Zine Fest is an annual convention of zines and art books where exhibitors from all over the country gather to share their crafts and attend workshops and talks in a safe, diverse, and welcoming environment
TETRICIDE is a series of exhibits that celebrate video game, embracing the pixel aesthetic that defines the early days of gaming.  The first TETRICIDE was at Pehrspace in 2010. With a sequel show, SUPER TETRICIDE at Home Room in 2012. Each exhibition featured playable games by indie developers, alongside video art, sculpture, and paintings. The second iteration was coproduced by Akira Thompson of IndieCade and gained an even greater focus on playable games and the exploration of the narrative qualities of gaming
L'KEG Gallery
After building a successful immersive exhibition at L'KEG Gallery, a multi-use creative space, I began to partner with them for other projects, and quickly became a partner and the Creative Director of gallery exhibitions. We received the honor of being listed in LA Weekly's annual "Best of LA" in 2009